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  • Φιλόξενο μέρος που προσελκύει κάθε παιδί

    Speech and Communication stands as a paragon in the realm of mental health and developmental support for children and adolescents, boasting a rich history of 25 years in operation.

    We cater to children and adolescents facing:
    • Speech and voice challenges
    • Developmental disorders and variances
    • Delayed psychomotor development
    • Pronounced emotional and behavioral difficulties

  • Φιλική ατμόσφαιρα και ποιοτική φροντίδα παιδιών

    From the onset, our center offers comprehensive services, including expert evaluation and rehabilitation, all undertaken with a commitment to corporate social responsibility.

    Our operational framework is meticulously structured, encompassing stringent regulations,
    oversight by both internal and external supervisors, a multidisciplinary team, specialized
    therapist subgroups, and, crucially, the active involvement of each child’s family and social

  • Seminars at Our Center

    We offer seminars both within our facility and in the broader community, in addition to overseeing the work of external specialists.

    Our treatment programs are meticulously customized to meet the specific needs of the children
    and families we serve. These programs are subject to ongoing evaluation, with a keen focus on
    their immediate outcomes. Depending on the unique requirements of our children, these
    interventions can be conducted on an individual or group basis and are available not just at our
    center but also in the comfort of their homes.

  • Our news

    Stay tuned for the latest news from our center.