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  • Engaging in counseling with a skilled psychologist can be an incredibly creative and constructive experience in our lives.

    We regularly face challenges in the broader social context, but tensions often also emerge within the family. Numerous issues demand resolution, such as separation or divorce, the death of a loved one, job changes, family conflicts, depression, panic attacks, communication breakdowns among family members, children’s educational difficulties, behavioral issues during adolescence, internet abuse, and addiction.

    These challenges are typical reasons for seeking help and embarking on a psychotherapeutic journey, which is focused on processing and managing difficulties, confronting fears and fostering personal and familial development.

    A consultation with a psychologist can mark the start of a creative and fulfilling life with our loved ones, tailored to our individual needs, choices and aspirations. Psychotherapy teaches us that true freedom and coping stem from the process of self-awareness. Everyone is encouraged to unravel their personal and family complexities with the support of a psychotherapist. This collaboration helps in identifying personal issues, recognizing obstructive messages in functionality and interpersonal relationships and charting a path through personal growth combined with family wellbeing.

  • In our center, only accredited and experienced psychotherapists provide these services. We employ a variety of assessment tools and screening tests where appropriate, including:

    • The Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Adjustment Questionnaire (EDEP)
    • The PATEM questionnaires (I-IV) for assessing self-perception and self-esteem in school-aged students (from 1st grade in Primary School to 3rd grade in High School)
    • The Greek Rating Scales for ADHD
    • The Achenbach Questionnaires (SAEVA)
    • Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT)
    • Children’s Apperception Test (CAT)
    • Fairy Tale Test, among others
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