Individual programs

Πως δουλευουμε
  • Children who visit our center are welcomed into a warm and inviting space, notable not for its
    luxury, but for its superior logistical infrastructure.

    Over the years, we have collected a vast collection of thousands of books and games. This
    extensive effort has enabled us to establish a small lending library, enriching our resources even

    Additionally, we are equipped with the latest in specialized assessment and treatment tools.
    We invite you to ask us about these resources to learn more about how they can benefit your

  • We are equipped to support children and adolescents facing a wide range of challenges, from
    severe pervasive developmental disorders to mild learning difficulties. Mrs. Vagena, with her
    extensive training in various difficulties, ensures that her expertise is reflected in the center’s

    Similarly, our team members receive ongoing training to stay on top of the latest developments
    and techniques. Moreover, in our internal referral process, we carefully consider the match
    between a child’s fundamental characteristics and the knowledge and personality of the
    therapist assigned to them, ensuring the most effective and personalized care.

  • The most valuable investment in our journey is in ourselves – in our physical and mental health, our ability to communicate, and our capacity to shape our future… – Mrs. Sofia Vagena

    — Σοφία Βαγενά
  • The structure and duration of our programs are carefully tailored to align with each child’s
    unique strengths and characteristics, aiming to achieve the best possible outcomes. Individual
    sessions are frequently supplemented by group sessions, which help to accelerate the
    generalization of the children’s progress.

    Their advancement is continuously evaluated and reviewed in various settings: during individual
    supervisory meetings with therapists, within specialty/case-specific subgroups, and across our
    comprehensive interdisciplinary team.