Therapy methods and procedures

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  • Stages

    Upon your initial contact with us, we will pose specific questions to arrange your first assessment session as soon as possible.

    The diagnostic process at our center involves all necessary therapeutic specialties.

    Our assessment procedures are based on:

    • Gathering a comprehensive history of the child and their family
    • Thoroughly examining the child across all developmental areas
    • Engaging in communication with the school and any other settings the child is involved in

    Throughout the evaluation, we provide detailed information and engage in thorough discussions with the parents. Once the diagnostic process is finalized, a written evaluation report is prepared, and we offer guidance to the parents on the next steps to be taken.

  • How we approach our work

    At Speech & Communication, our focus is not only on a comprehensive diagnosis of the children's needs but also on a continual exploration of their unique characteristics.

    We have an extensive “library” of evaluation tools specific to each specialty, and we place great importance on training our staff in their use. Additionally, we emphasize our team’s skill in engaging with the child through structured tools and in directly addressing what interests the child themselves.

    This demanding process for the therapist allows for a detailed exploration of the child’s various abilities without causing any resentment from the child. In essence, we believe that success in our field requires not just sophisticated tools but also exceptionally well-trained therapists.

  • Social sensitivity

    We are committed to offering packages tailored to each family's financial situation.

    Our center, Speech & Communication, provides high-quality services at reasonable costs. We employ cutting-edge expertise, assessment tools, and diagnostic methods to establish therapeutic goals, ensuring that families do not incur unnecessary expenses or waste time and effort.

    We guide parents towards public agencies capable of providing approvals for medical expenses. Finally, our issued receipts are recognized and accepted by all insurance funds, further easing the financial burden on families.