Group programs

Πως δουλευουμε
  • Group programs for Children

  • Therapeutic group sessions have been a pillar of Speech & Communication since its creation
    and have evolved alongside the center.

    Initially, these sessions began as generalization groups within the speech therapy department.
    Over time, they have developed and specialized to encompass the objectives of other
    therapeutic disciplines. Now, these groups are finely tailored to match the specific profiles and
    individual goals of each child, offering a more targeted and effective therapeutic experience.

    Each academic year, we propose therapeutic groups within the initial scientific subgroups and
    the broader interdisciplinary team. This proposal is based on categorizing our children
    according to their most pressing needs.

    Key therapeutic groups for children at our center include:

    • Social skills development groups.
    • Groups for children with verbal dyspraxia.
    • School readiness groups for toddlers.
    • Groups for children and teenagers experiencing speech flow (rhythm) difficulties.
  • The most valuable investment in our journey is in ourselves – in our physical and mental health, our ability to communicate, and our capacity to shape our future… – Mrs. Sofia Vagena

    — Σοφία Βαγενά
  • Our partners

    In all our therapeutic group programs, our partners meticulously design the plan and set goals
    for each group, maintain detailed records, and evaluate the effectiveness of their interventions using structured activities and specific assessment tools at both the start and end of the

    Our groups have earned an excellent reputation, attracting children who come to our center
    specifically for these group sessions, not only from Peristeri but also from the broader Western
    Suburbs of Athens.

  • Ομαδικά Προγράμματα Γονέων

  • Parent groups at our center are organized systematically and are categorized into two types:
    open seminar-style groups and closed psychotherapy-oriented groups.

    At the start of each academic year, our interdisciplinary team selects the topics for these parent
    groups, drawing upon therapists’ feedback from the parents themselves. The details of the
    relevant program are then communicated to parents through our secretariat.

    The topics proposed for these parent groups typically center around issues such as discipline,
    setting boundaries, managing home study routines, sibling relationships, and behavior in
    school, among others.

    Participants in these groups are usually parents of children enrolled in our center’s intervention
    programs, but we also welcome independent parents from areas including Peristeri, Kolonos,
    Sepolia, Petroupoli, Ilion, Chaidari, Aegaleo, and beyond.