At home programs

Πως δουλευουμε
  • Speech & Communication is a center with a rich and ever-evolving history. Its mobile team represents an advanced iteration of the previous Early Intervention program and extends its services to the following areas: Peristeri, Petroupoli, Kolonos, Ilion, Chaidari, Aegaleo, and Kamatero, ensuring broad accessibility and support for the community.

  • The goal of this mobile team is to provide comprehensive home-based intervention for children
    for whom such an approach is considered essential. The team comprises specialized
    psychologists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists who collaborate closely with the
    family and school environment. This program is particularly instrumental in supporting children
    with severe psychomotor retardation, intellectual disabilities, pervasive developmental
    disorders, epilepsy, and similar conditions.

    As the foundational support, the center equips the mobile team with necessary tools and
    cutting-edge knowledge, such as specialized software on laptops. It also coordinates the
    programs and related supervisory activities, adhering to high standards regarding the
    effectiveness and efficiency of the therapists.

  • The most valuable investment in our journey is in ourselves – in our physical and mental health, our ability to communicate, and our capacity to shape our future… – Mrs. Sofia Vagena

    — Σοφία Βαγενά
  • Therapists

    Therapists involved in this program are obligated to maintain detailed written records, which
    include both short-term and long-term goals, notes from each session, and comprehensive
    progress reports for each case. They actively participate in their relevant subgroups and attend
    individual supervision sessions to ensure continuous professional development and effective
    case management.

    Furthermore, children enrolled in this program undergo regular re-evaluations to assess their
    progress. These evaluations are conducted at home or at the center and performed by an
    independent therapist.