Our staff

  • At our center, we are proud to employ a team of speech therapists, occupational therapists, school psychologists, special educators, psychotherapists, and child psychiatrists.

    The esteemed reputation of Speech & Communication is a direct result of our meticulous
    selection and ongoing oversight of our professional staff. We give preference to partners who
    hold postgraduate degrees and have further honed their expertise through specialized seminars
    and practical work experience.

    Each department within our center has a designated supervisor. Therapists from each specialty
    regularly convene with the supervisor responsible for their respective field. In addition, our

    collaborating child psychiatrist, in collaboration with our scientific manager, Mrs. Vagena, co-
    facilitates the monthly coordination meetings of the interdisciplinary team. These meetings are

    attended by therapists from all specialties, where various center-related incidents and cases are
    Moreover, Mrs. Vagena conducts routine informational and supervisory meetings with each
    therapist on an individual basis.
    When you ask us for assistance, either for your child or yourself, we will recommend a therapist
    best suited to your family’s needs, considering their specific training and personality.